All about food today

My cousin posted an article on Sushi Etiquette in FB. I’m not a hardcore of sushi, my Hubb is. But I still have my favourites. Check it out and see whether you are eating correctly. The only fact I know is to rest your chopsticks across your soy saucer :D

So Hubb brought me to Olivye Cafe.Gelato upon my request (yes, a birthday request) and I never regretted the food I chose.

You can try the Grilled Basa Fish with Herbs if you’re a fan of fish like I do. The sauce and mash potato were superb! We tried 4 flavours of gelato ( 2 premium and 2 classic gelato). Thumbs up to Mango and Strawberry! Chocolate tasted like normal ice cream and Hazelnut doesn’t have a strong flavour although the staff claimed it to be one of the most popular. <3 Gelato because of its texture. It’s my second try after my virgin taste at one of the gelato bars in KL last year. Can I have another gelato, puhlease??

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